A great place to begin if you are about to Start Collecting a Beasts of Chaos Army. Here you will find a breakdown of some of the basics for starting to collect a beasts of chaos army. The aim of this post is to give you an idea on where to start.

Battletome: Beasts Of Chaos (3rd Edition)

The Army Book

It should come as no surprise that the first place to start with any army is always the army book. Beasts of chaos are no different. Understanding the faction rules is a vital part of building an army. So pick up a copy of Battletome: Beasts Of Chaos.

Pick a subfaction

There are 4 subfactions to pick from when you start collecting a Beasts of Chaos army: Allherd, Darkwalkers, Gavespawn and Quakefray.


The allherd subfaction brings back Gors, ungors and ungor raiders at the end of the battleshock phase. Which means often players who play this faction will often have quite the hoard army with many of these particular units in play.


The darkwalker subfaction, the same as allherd focuses on Gors, ungors and ungor raiders, allowing them to redeployed to different locations on the battlefield.


Gavespawn gives you access to a special unit of 3 chaos spawn models that count as battle line.


This subfaction makes Cygors and Ghorgons battle line. It also makes Cygors Priests with a special prayer.

Picking a leader

There are a few different options for a leader when you start collecting a Beasts of Chaos army. You can go for cheaper options like a Great Bray Shaman but keep him far away from your opponent. A Beast lord has a bit more lastability and is great when supported by a strong unit like bestigors. Or you may go for a more sturdy Doombull or Dragon Ogor Shaggoth. Really you want to make sure your leaders fit with your troop types. If you have bullgors, take a doombull, Dragon ogres, take a shaggoth… you get the point. These leaders are all about supporting your army and/or leading from the front, depending on your play style. Make sure they are protected because although they are strong, they cannot take on a whole army by themselves.

Picking your Troops

A Beasts of Chaos army is all about the troops. Your build is around your chosen subfaction and leaders. You may want to bulk up your lines with ungors or ungor raiders. These cheap but effective units are great for harassing the enemy and stealing objectives. Bestigors are a strong and durable unit, they are battle line if your general is a shaman or beast lord. Tzaangors fit a similar role to bestigors, they hit harder but with lower armour and leadership, they are slightly more fragile. Cygor and/or a Ghorgon are also incredibly strong and durable, able to take quite a beating from enemy units, while hitting back very hard.


If you are seriously going to start collecting a Beasts of Chaos army, then you HAVE to have a Beasts of Chaos herdstone this will give you extra rend during the battle which can really give your blades the edge they need. Also don’t forget you need good dice, so consider either our faction dice like these Chaos Dice or just take a look at our selection of dice.

Other resources

Now that you have some basics, join the Beasts of Chaos facebook group . It is a great way to interact with the community and ask questions.

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