About Us

Our Ethos

We strongly believe that putting more money back into wargamers pockets, means they can spend more on other wargaming services, this creates more jobs for people in the hobby that want to work in the hobby. We want to bring that freedom and joy to other people. So every decision the business makes considers if this is doing something better that will benefit wargamers more than what is already available. Will it make it cheaper and/or will this be easier for wargamers? If not then we don’t do it

Why it all started:

Within our hobby, there is so much amazing stuff that people have created that really you can only find if you know it exists, a great example of that being things like battle tactics markers (Like the ones from that site you have to remember the name of) or clear objective marker templates. Marketplaces like eBay/etsy/Amazon just are not set up to make these easy to find because you have to use a keyword like “Warhammer” which obviously anyone making their own thing cannot do for copyright reasons. Which got us thinking, wouldn’t it be amazing if we as a community, had our own marketplace that was just about selling wargaming stuff? There is so much that can be done within a website like that that is currently not available anywhere else.

Then what happened?

So we have created a marketplace to do this (this website you are on, right now). We want this to stay community focused so the fee’s are just 5% which only just covers paypal fees.

Why should you care?

As we have said, there is so much that could be done from here to massively benefit us all.

Local FLGS, once the site is in full flow, I hope to be able to sign up FLGS as well, which will allow things like “find my nearest”, so if you want to pick up an item today, you could find out where your nearest one is for sale. “Click and collect” eBay offers delivery to local shops, why could we not offer to get items delivered to your local FLGS, supporting them as well.

YouTubers, There are many Youtubers out there that make great content and we all love to support them, but what if they could sell merch as well? Channel owners could upload artwork to the backend of our store and we could sell anything from T-Shirts and mugs to Baby bibs and blankets. Providing them with commission from the sale, a product for the buyer and promotional material as the buyer then advertises the channel. We are already doing this with Worgore TV and Northern Invasion.

Designers, we have all seen those annoying “look at this T-shirt I bought” scam posts. The worst part about those for me is that the original designers are not the ones getting paid. All of these designs are created by members of our community, we could make sure that the original designer is the person paid for the designs. We could also make it far easier to see all these cool designs. As a designer you have 2 choices, you can either fulfil yourself, that is create the listing and get the T-shirt etc printed yourself. Or you can leave all that to us and just let us know how much you want as commission each time your artwork sells. We can currently offer the standard T-shirts, mugs etc for delivery worldwide due to multiple partners, but we could also offer this service for all kinds of products like dice, dice mats, 3d printing etc by finding gamers in different countries that can offer the service. Already sell your designs with other companies that do this? Even better, then just send us your designs as well. For each one that sells you will get £4, which is more than any of these other sites and we only charge the customer £19.99 Including postage (Again cheaper than those other sites) why can we do this? Because we are not here to profit from your sales, we want to put more money in wargamers pockets, be they buyer or seller. 

3D printers, OBVIOUSLY nothing could be offered that breaches GW (or anyone else’s) copyright, but imagine if it was all much easier

– For designers to simply upload the print file to us and we get it printed by a printer local to the buyer

– For buyers to find a printer local to them to print their custom item

– For printers to be able to list their products in a much easier way so that buyers can easily find everything they need.

Painters – A better place to advertise, where we can link to your instagram/socials. Where you can also sell the models you have painted and link them back to your own painting profile. Clients can easily leave you reviews and potential clients can easily see your portfolio of work.

Selling your warhammer when you don’t have time, what if there was a better way than just sending it to www.we_buy_any_warhammer.com? (Not a real site or intended to reference any 1 particular company). You could send it to us, we list it and then you get paid when things sell, why would this be better? Because if buyers are buying multiple products from us, we can ship for cheaper, meaning more money in your pocket and less hassle for you with sending it all out and answering messages. Your parcels are also insured and you get paid when the parcel is sent, meaning if the buyer doesn’t receive their package, you still get paid and you don’t have to deal with the fuss. We also post for much cheaper due to a royal mail bulk account, meaning we can sometimes send items out for as little as £1.20.

Better protection. How many of us have been caught out by scammy buyers or sellers? With us handling the payment we can be a fair ombudsman who understands the products, not only that but that knows the buyers and the sellers (we are a community after all). While other platforms may just let bad actors open new accounts, we can keep track based on the smaller community, meaning we can stop bad actors much quicker and easier. We can also help to resolve issues when actually neither party is at fault (but both think they are being scammed).  

And this all barely scratches the surface, some wargamers have mentioned that they like to write, we could add a section on the website for gamers to upload their stories for people to read (for free if it uses GW copyright) but those writers could then also sell their services for content (If this needs explaining then let me know).

How do we make money?

What is in this for us? We are apparently doing this for free? Firstly to see this come to pass would be reward enough. We think this website would be amazing for the community, but we will make money from offering our own services in areas where it is needed. For example if we need “Rat men T-shirts” then we can either create them ourselves or commission artists to do it for us and then sell them ourselves. Our parent company has products made in China and shipped around the world, so we could easily create more of our own products to be sold on the site to fill niche gaps, to add to the existing products we have already added. The point is, we don’t want to take from other gamers, we want to add to the community. 

Is it safe? The site is being run through an existing company that has been running for 13 years now (Lucky for some yes, yes). The business is stable, registered in multiple countries and ships products around the world. But aside from that, seller funds are kept in a separate account that is not used for operations, so all seller funds are secure. 

The site has been running since April 2023, we only have a few other sellers on the site so far. We are selling our own piles of shame as well as any bulk lots we can pick up. You will see from the prices that we are selling at close to cost, simply to have products there for buyers and to encourage people to use the website.

What can you do? Well you can take a look through the website and let us know your thoughts. You can list to sell your stuff on the website, or if you are interested in some of the other options described above you can let us know, but most of all, if you think this is a good idea, just tell other people. If you think there is something wrong with what we are doing, then also tell us, let us figure this out so that we can make it the best it possibly can be. 

How do we advertise?

As our ethos is about keeping funds in wargamers pockets, we limit our advertising to ways that benefits wargamers. That means we have to be creative, but the way we have been doing it so far: Sponsorship/supporting wargaming content creators and supporting community groups. We also send products out to content creators to review, providing them with free products and content, while we also get advertising to their viewers. So if you are interested in any of these options then please send us a message to see how we can support your hobby interests.