How to get our 2% refund

Paypal, credit cards etc take their pound of flesh with every transaction when all they are doing is moving some numbers around. We can take care of that process and pass the saving on to you. For every £10 you deposit by bank transfer to us (details below), we will credit your account with £10.20 to spend on the website. If you have sold products on our website, rather than transferring the funds to your bank account, you can let us credit your account instead and we will credit you with an additional 2%.

To add funds to your account in this way either send the funds to our UK account:

Account: 68636018 Sort Code: 089250 Name: Wellesley Inc Ltd. Use your email address as the reference. This may take up to 24 hours to appear in your account. Alternatively you can purchase items and pay by bank transfer. If you do this you will be credited to your account any extra refund.

If a refund is requested of the credit, the 2% will be lost and there is not a cash alternative.

Our fee’s

We charge a flat 5% fee on all transactions through the website. That is an all in cost. We don’t charge transaction charges on top. It really is that simple. This will mean we will lose money on small transactions using paypal or debit/credit cards, but we hope that users will instead start to use our own account function to negate this loss on our end.