Chainrasp Horde


10 push fit, new, on spru models. Spru may be green or grey

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Chainrasp Horde

A Chainrasp Horde of 10 models can be quite hard for an enemy to whittle down. With a 5+ unrendable save, they can slow even the biggest and strongest monsters thrown at them. The Chainrasp Horde is the ethereal “Backbone” of a Nighthaunt army and can be particularly potent when supporting a Lord Executioner.  At a low point cost, you can often field large numbers of chainrasps in your army helping to block off objectives or bog down enemy units.

Easy Fit

These are easy fit models, so you don’t even need to glue them, just assemble and then add wargaming paint. This simple way to build them can mean you can summon in a huge number of models quite quickly. The only issue is that you have to then paint them to make them battlefield ready.

You can buy these models on the Games Workshop website for £27.50

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