Ogor Bits Gluttons / Iron Guts / Leadbelchers Bits


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Buy your Ogor Bits just 50p per item for most bits! Huge selection of most bits available from the Ogor Gluttons, Iron Guts and Leadbelcher Kits

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Ironguts Head A, Ironguts Head B, Ironguts Head C, Ironguts Head D, Ironguts Hooked Blade, Ironguts Rune Maw Banner, Ironguts Rune Maw Banner Back, Ironguts Man Trap, Ironguts Shield A, Ironguts Shield B, Ironguts Shield C, Ironguts Shield D, Ironguts Gnoblar Body A, Ironguts Gnoblar Body B, Ironguts Gnoblar Head A, Ironguts Gnoblar Head B, Ironguts Belly Plate A, Ironguts Belly Plate B, Ironguts Belly Plate C, Ironguts Hooks, Leadbelcher Head A, Leadbelcher Head B, Leadbelcher Head C, Leadbelcher Barrel Front, Leadbelcher Barrel Back, Leadbelcher Horn, Leadbelcher Gnoblar Body, Leadbelcher Gnoblar Head, Leadbelcher Ball and Chain, Ogor Head A, Ogor Head B, Ogor Head C, Ogor Head D, Ogor Head E, Ogor Head F, Ogor Head G, Ogor Head H, Ogor Head I, Ogor Gnoblar Body Pointing, Ogor Gnoblar Body Luggage, Ogor Gnoblar Body Club, Ogor Gnoblar Head A, Ogor Gnoblar Head B, Ogor Gnoblar Head C, Ogor Gnoblar Tied up, Ogor Ribs, Ogor Accessories, Ogor Bellow Left Arm, Ogor Crusher Right Arm, Ogor Crusher Man Trap, Ogor Spare Club (No hand), Ogor Club left hand, Ogor Tribal Banner, Ogor Beast Skull Banner, Ogor Gnoblar Lookout Front, Ogor Gnoblar Lookout Back, Ogor Crusher Belly Plate, Ogor Body A, Ogor Foot A Flat, Ogor Foot A Bent, Ogor Foot B Flat, Ogor Foot B Bent, Ogor Right Hand Weapon Sword A, Ogor Right Hand Weapon Sword B, Ogor Right Hand Weapon Club, Ogor Left Hand Weapon Club A, Ogor Left Hand Weapon Club B, Ogor Left Hand Weapon Club C, Ogor Banner Arm, Ogor Ponytail, Ogor Right Arm A, Ogor Right Arm B, Ogor Left Arm A, Ogor Left Arm B, Ogor Bag of Bones, Ogor Belly Plate A, Ogor Belly Plate B, Ogor Belly Plate C, Ogor Ironfist A, Ogor Ironfist B, Ogor Ironfist C, Ogor Knife A, Ogor Knife B, Ogor Cleaver, Ogor Barrel Front, Ogor Barrel Back


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