Treelord Ancient, Treelord, Spirit of Durthu


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Treelord Ancient, Treelord, Spirit of Durthu

This set can make any one of the 3 models. This listing is for the Spru only, so it does not include the box. This is an ideal way to cost effectively add a treelord ancient to your Sylvaneth forces. Maybe instead of this, you would rather build the Spirit of Durthu. This beast of a model can tank whole armies or go toe to branch with some of the biggest and best fighters in the age of sigmar world. The Treelord is great when used with support from Tree Revenants. 

This kit contains all the multi-part plastic parts that you would need in order to build either a Treelord Ancient or a Treelord or Durthu. These are considered sylvaneth’s most respected magic-wielders. This set comes with eight optional ethereal spites to personalise your model along with the obvious 105mm Citadel Oval Base. Each of these variants has the parts to make customise 3 different head and weapon options.


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